Dobson Montessori Schools
Preschool ° Kindergarten ° Elementary ° Junior High

1130 S. San Jose St
(480) 969-3781

Preschool Campus

3249 S. Birchett Drive (480) 820-6122 Kindergarten Campus

745 S. Extension Road (480) 962-1432
1st-12th grade

The best preparation for being a happy 
and useful man or woman is to live fully as a child.
                              ~Plowden Report

° 1-8 Teacher - Student Ratio
° Individualized Challenging Curriculum
° Outstanding Standardized Test Scores
° Field Trips  ° Art  ° Music
° Computers  ° Camping
° Electives  ° Animals
° Individualized Programs
° Montessori Certified and State Certified Teachers
° 2, 3, and 5 Day Programs
° Summer Programs for 2-15 year Olds
°Limited Enrollment

 Education for a lifetime! 

Each year, our students test beyond the local, state, and national norms. Last year, our students out scored every public and charter school in the valley on the Stanford 9 tests with both reading and math in the 94th percentile!

Humanity can hope for a solution to its problems, the most urgent of which are those of peace and unity, only by turning its attention and energies to the discovery of the child.
                                                                   ~Maria Montessori


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